Birds on the move

Steady NW winds and clear skies have made the past two nights quite favorable for migration. Below are the radar and velocity loops from the past two nights, which show a moderate amount of birds departing just after sunset and moving south/southwest across the state until sunrise.

11.08.04 – 11.09.04 (sunset to sunrise)


11.09.04 – 11.10.04 (sunset to sunrise)


This will all change by tonight when the winds switch out of the southwest. Expect little to no migration until after the next front passes on Thursday night. Unfortunately it looks like the front will pass too late to have any effect for Thursday, but Friday night should see some action.

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One Response to Birds on the move

  1. chris aquila says:

    David, we have about 10-15 Pine Siskens here at the estate as of this morning. Nothing much more except for a few Purple Finches here and there. The good bird was the Light-morph Rough-legged hawk we had at Chimney Rock today the 10th, which was also the last day of the season. What a way to end. Rough-legged hawk, 1 golden, 1 bald, and the last bird of the season – a very late Osprey. See our Chimney Rock web site for more details. Official end of the season numbers should be up in a few days.
    Talk to you soon – Chris Aquila, Supervisor of Natural Resources and Research, Duke Farms Foundation.