Little Migration Over NJ

These silly little teasers are killing me. Last night’s west/southwest winds early in the evening caused a little bit of migration activity until about 1:00am. After 1:00am the winds switched to northeast and migration shut down. I’ve presented the radar, but the velocity data was down last night. I checked the velocity data on the real-time radar site and confirmed that the signal was indeed bird migration.

Until we get another good front moving into our area we shouldn’t expect any major flights over New Jersey…in the meantime, the Palm warblers are looking really great!

This morning at Garret Mountain the Rutgers chapter of the Underground Holistic Birding Movement had a good couple of hours with the following highlights:

  • Pine and Palm warblers (many)
  • Louisiana Waterthrush (1, near the gazebo)
  • Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (2)
  • Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned Kinglets (many)
  • Hermit Thrush (many)
  • Northern Rough-winged and Tree swallows
  • Fox (1) & Swamp(3) sparrows
  • Eastern Towhee (several)
  • Am. Woodcock (1 – in woods edge at top of park, bordering large field)
  • Jonathan Klizas – (1 – working the lake shore)
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