New Printing of NJ Plover Stickers


©David LaPuma 2004

I just received a new printing of my “New Jersey is for Plovers” bumper stickers. Click the image for a larger view.

Due to several requests, I’ve now created a Paypal button at the bottom of this post so that anyone with a Paypal account can purchase the bumper stickers directly.

The stickers are 4 by 6 inch ovals and picture the silhouette of a plover. The plover is Pluvialis dominica, or American Golden Plover. Printed underneath is “New Jersey is for Plovers”.

They’re printed on the finest synthetic material using automotive-grade color pigments, heat-fused onto the material, to ensure resistance to weather, car washes, etc.
I’m asking for $4 per sticker which will include the cost of mailing it to you. If you order 5 or more then the cost will be reduced to $3 per sticker.



Below are the two Paypal buttons:

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