Migration to our south

Morning Update:
Well, the radar doesn’t seem to show much in terms of migration. Most of the data seems to be anomalous propagation, but there was a a small ‘blip’ in the early morning coming across Delaware Bay. Given its size, though, I doubt whether it would be noticeable on the ground.

Old Reports:

1. It seems like winds have switched to very light out of the south. Nothing seems to be moving over central and northern NJ, but south of us things are picking up. It looks like a good flight is occurring across the Delmarva, so birding tomorrow may be more active that previously predicted.

2. The winds are 5kts out of the northeast, which means migration remains at a minimum up and down the eastern seaboard. Some of the radars to our south show a little movement, but until we get out of this wind pattern we shouldn’t expect any major influx of new birds. That said, there are many birds already in the area and little chance of them leaving tonight so birding at places like Garret Mountain, Sandy Hook or along the Delaware should be productive tomorrow.


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