Big Migration Over New Jersey

I hope you’re out birding already.
Here’s the radar from sunset last night through sunrise this morning with frames taken at 30 minute intervals. Our first really heavy movement of the spring happened last night, as a mega flight is seen on the radar. The velocity confirms that most of what’s on the radar are indeed birds. Since birds have obviously been piling up at places such as Garret Mountain, it seems plausible that many of these birds have left, but that there’s probably a significant replacement. I’d expect to start seeing Bay-breasted and more Cape May warblers, and maybe even a Blackpoll in the next few days. No precipitation was present overnight, so stick with places like Garret for maximum diversity. Also, I haven’t heard any mention of Rifle Camp…it should be picking up now as well.

The forecast is for south winds tonight and tomorrow night, then switching to west on Thursday. This means more migration is on the way!

Good Birding!


One response to “Big Migration Over New Jersey”

  1. I couldn’t bird my ‘yard’ this morning since I had to get to school early, but I did add a new bird to the list on my way out. CANADA WARBLER- gorgeous male singing in the yard. Also heard were Red-eyed Vireo, Prairie, N. Parula, and Common Yellowthroat Warbler, and Rose-breased Grosbeak. The Wood Thrush have set up shop in the forest for about a week now.


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