Big Migration Over New Jersey

Here’s the Northeast composite radar from 8pm to 11:00pm tonight (5/10). My NEXRAD direct feed is down tonight, so this is all I have to show you (no velocity), but rest assured this is a ton of birds! Look at the migration all along the east coast, from South Carolina up to Maine. We are definitely witnessing the beginning of ‘spring peak’. My Blackpoll prediction played out today with Mike Britt seeing one at Garret…I’m calling for Bay-breasted at Garret Tomorrow- mark my words. 😉

There may be some precipitation overnight, but it should only be light. Check the local radar in your area before heading out to see if there’s any localized heavy rain. If so, head there! Otherwise, it’s the tried and true migrant traps that are the best bet for tomorrow morning. This weekend is another story, but we’ll wait until we get closer to discuss my WSB predictions.

One response to “Big Migration Over New Jersey”

  1. This prediction seemed right on based on my results at Garret on the 11th.
    About 18 warblers seen with a few more spotted by others, and a large number of Thrushes in migration. And good numbers of birds, not just species, were seen. Keep up the good work David!


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