Month: September 2005

  • Migration over New Jersey

    Some birds over our area last night. Not as many as two nights ago, but still noticeable. On a national scale, it looked like the biggest push was from the southeast heading south. These were likely the birds that had left the northeast on the 28th. Unfortunately last night didn’t appear to be a big […]

  • Go West Young Man

    Well, winds are out of the Southeast as a cold front makes its way toward us from the west. This means no migration for us tonight, but you should check out the central flyway, once again experiencing some impressive migration. Here’s a still image from 10:30pm, where I’ve taken the digital crayon and scribbled in […]

  • Big Migration Over New Jersey

    Well here it is! Birds were on the move last night with light northerly winds and clear skies up and down the eastern flyway. The radar and velocity loops are from sunset last night until 6:15am this morning, and show a modest movement of birds over our area. Since no weather was present to force […]

  • FINALLY! A substantial Eastern Flyway Migration!

    East Coast migration is in full effect tonight! Here are two single images, the first from tonight, where you can see all the East Coast radar sites lighting up at 9:30pm. The second is from last night, around the same time, and you can see the central flyway was just ablaze with migration, while we […]

  • No Migration Detected

    No migration last night with south winds and a ton of Rita leftovers. Tonight we’re expecting light northerlies all up and down the east coast, so anticipate some good movement. I should mention that the central flyway was ablaze with migration last night…I wonder what the night listeners were hearing over MI and OH!? I […]


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