Day: October 19, 2005

  • Movement to our north

    Updated 10/21/05 @ 7:46AM Here’s the radar from yesterday that I couldn’t post since I was up on The Ridge. Thanks to Gary, Bruce, and Mike for keeping me in stitches as we watched the Sharpie Highway form over Raccoon. What an awesome day! As for the radar, yup, another October flight! Check out (on […]

  • Migration over the Empire State

    Thanks to Dr. Robert DeCandido, a research associate scientist at the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, for offering this graph of his most recent data from his Empire State Building migration study. You can view a full-sized version of the graph by clicking on the thumbnail. I have highlighted the count corresponding to my radar post this […]

  • Exodus over New Jersey

    Bye Bye Birdie. Another big migration over the Garden State, with little input from the north. Expect lower overall densities of birds this morning, but with relatively high diversity due to the recent influx of sparrows. Winds are expected out of the Southwest today, so raptor migration will likely come to a halt. But don’t […]


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