Nothing (on the radar) over New Jersey

Updated: 10/24/05 @ 7:44AM
It looks like after the weather cleared, a few birds attempted to get out on the NW winds. The migration was small, but apparent. It’s probable that it was more obvious at coastal sites, where birds immediately turned around for shore as the sun rose just a couple of hours after the front cleared.

Original post:
Rain is keeping migration down tonight, unless it’s happening under the radar! Winds are favorable (light north), but the weather isn’t cooperating. Tomorrow’s forecast is calling for strong westerly winds across the state. Go Hawkwatching! Sandy Hook, Cape May, Montclair, Chimney Rock, and of course, Raccoon Ridge should all be seeing some raptors tomorrow. No radar to post in the AM, so get out there and watch raptors pick off sparrows.

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2 Responses to Nothing (on the radar) over New Jersey

  1. Wendy Malmid says:

    Hey Dave

    Looks like the birds were under the radar after all!


  2. David says:

    DOH! You’re right…good thing I qualified that post! 😉
    Actually, upon reflection I think that most of the birds seen today were remnants from yesterday’s big move. With all the weather last night, most birds didn’t leave, but rater could have gotten more concentrated as birds looked for better food sources during the day. I think this could explain the ‘piling up’ of birds seen at Sandy Hook and other locales.