Here’s the radar from last night. Fairly clear skies, light winds, and no precipitation made for optimal migration conditions. A great flight occurred just after sunset last night, and is probably continuing as the sun breaks the horizon outside my window. The radar loop covers sunset through 3:30am this morning, at which point the Rutgers servers seem to have overloaded and stopped downloading imagery. Expect less birds around at most locations, although coastal sites should see a good morning flight.

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  1. On Sunday evening, October 23rd the flight began at 7:09pm (66 minutes past sunset). Winds were West at 10-15mph when we began, but diminished to 5-12 mph later in the evening. The flight was good for this time of the year, somewhere between 60 and 100 birds/hr (excluding waterfowl). The number of birds counted increased each hour through the night. Clear skies greatly improved our ability to see night migrants. We saw our second Short-eared Owl migrant for the season, and we counted 6 total woodcocks in migration tonight. Total number of migrants counted on Sunday evening was 422.

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    David flight this am sucked!!!!!!!
    : ))