Big Migration Over New Jersey

The radar really lit up last night! With fairly clear skies and light NW winds, birds were on the move. Here’s the radar from 7:30pm last night through sunrise this morning.

Good Birding

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One Response to Big Migration Over New Jersey

  1. On Friday night, October 28th at the Empire State Building (NYC), only 5 total migrants were counted. Winds were NE most of the night at 10-15mph. Skies were overcast. I imagine that we missed many migrants because the overcast skies make it difficult to see a migrating bird (when illuminated from below).

    Early on the following morning (Saturday, the 29th) there was a good dawn flight of Am. Robins and Flickers over my home in the Bronx, and even over Central Park from 9-9:30am. This indicates that migration was indeed proceeding over NYC.