Halloween Migration

AGHHHH! (whew, sorry, the radar scared me again…I’m over it now). Another fright-night of migration, with clear skies and light tailwinds. Not as much as the previous night, but still birds on the move. Like I said a few days ago, diversity has peaked and is dwindling, so I’m gonna pull the plug on the radar study for this season as of today. I’ll keep an eye on things over the next week or so, and if anything interesting pops up, I’ll post it; otherwise, it’s been a great Fall, and your participation, whether through commenting or just by visiting, has made it all worth it.


David 🙂

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4 Responses to Halloween Migration

  1. Joe M. says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you do on this site. It has improved my sigthings on my birdwalks considerably.


  2. David says:

    Thanks Joe! I hope you come back and visit some more.



  3. Hi David,

    What Joe said; thank You!

    It is an interesting comparison of radar images of the area and visual counts made at night at the Empire State Building. Note that on Wednesday evening, November 2nd, we had a big movement of birds over Manhattan (Empire State Building) in the strong NW winds. About 470 total including another Short-eared Owl and a Saw-whet Owl as well.

  4. David says:

    Thanks Bob!
    Your contribution to the site has been great- and yes, it is really cool to compare the radar to what you’re seeing at the ESB. I look forward to more of your reports, and I have to get out there some night while you’re doing the count!