No migration…but SNAKES ON A PLANE!

Nothing apparent on the radar last night, although it was pretty messy so there could have been something going on there. Either way, most of the movement across the radar was from east to west, which rarely (if ever) indicates avian migration over New Jersey.

Just a friendly reminder, Snakes on a Plane opens today…see you there?

Also, first Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in the yard this morning, and most of the breeding warblers seem to be gone as of the beginning of the week (Blue-winged, Yellow, Prairie).

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One Response to No migration…but SNAKES ON A PLANE!

  1. Nick Bonomo says:

    Hey David,
    Wow, Snakes on a Plane……wow. I drove up the near 3 hours from southern CT to Boston yesterday to meet some friends from school for opening night. Worth every freakin last penny. I had expectations for the movie (though I didn’t get into the whole internet cult following), but they were far exceeded. I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time, even for [such overrated crap as] Talladega Nights.

    I take it from one of your recent posts that you’re a Mets fan. Was nice to see them bounce back from those 3 in a row to Philly. I actually got to meet a few of them at a small event at a restaurant in NYC a couple weeks ago. Wright, Floyd, Milledge, Valentin and, incredibly, Bobby Bo were there. It was pretty cool.

    Thanks for all the radar interpretations/postings/info. Looks like things are kicking into gear as far as passerines go.


    Nick Bonomo
    Orange, CT