Month: October 2006

  • Let’s Go METS

    “I don’t know. In a Game 7, you can’t tell how anybody’s going to do. Game 7 is an out-of-body experience. Game 7, in stickball, is an out-of-body experience, so you can imagine what it must be like in the Major Leagues. I can tell you what it’s like in stickball, but I can’t tell […]

  • Migration over Jerze & Closing for Winter

    LETS GO METS! What a great game….but alas, it’s the reason I couldn’t wake up early enough to post the radar this morning. Anyway, Here’s the radar from 2 hours after sunset last night (no radar was available for the first two hours) until sunrise this morning. As you can see, birds are still on […]

  • Nothing but the rain and the Glavine blues last night…

    No migration last night as storms worked their way across the state. Glavine obviously couldn’t make it enough innings to hold off the St. Louis offense…man I hate Dave Eckstein. Hopefully we’ll get a little movement of birds tonight, and the Mets will cream the Cardinals at Shea. Good Birding

  • Late fall fallout???

    Hmmm…the radar is enticing! It looks like a moderate migration last night was shut down in the early AM hours by an approaching low pressure system that originated in the gulf several days ago. I think most hotspots should be hot today, but the interior locations should be especially stacked with late fall migrants (many […]

  • Birds on the move

    Birds are on the move again tonight as winds aloft are strong out of the NW. Winds on the surface are southeast which might keep the birds further inland tomorrow morning. Go get an early start, because the rain is coming! I’ll post the radar in the AM.


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