Migration over the Garden State

Just when you thought it was over, BAM! Another night of migration. Here’s the radar from sunset last night through sunrise this morning. You can see by the velocity image that although the winds were out of the west/northwest, most of the directional movement across the radar was from the north moving south. Good migration conditions should hold through tonight, after which southerly winds will build in preceding the next cold front.

Good Birding

Base Reflectivity image from Fort Dix Base Velocity image from Fort Dix

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5 responses to “Migration over the Garden State”

  1. A quick walk around the fields yielded:

    Yellow-rumped Warblers
    White-throated Sparrows
    Eastern Towhees
    House Finches

    and A FEW
    Swamp Sparrows
    Golden-crowned Kinglets
    Ruby-crowned Kinglets
    Brown-headed Cowbirds


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