Month: January 2007

  • Eye-poppin’ side-splitting blogging

    My buddy Jeff has a new photo blog hosted by Birdwatcher’s Digest. Not only are his digiscoped images superb, but he’s one of the funniest guys I know. Check him out and read his humorous dispatches from the field and beyond.

  • Maps to birding locations

    A recent post on JerseyBirds by Sam Galick inspired me to create some birding location maps (see Sam’s original post here). While Google Maps is a great resource, the limitations are somewhat unfortunate. I found Map Builder to be considerably more flexible in terms of adding site-specific information and adding multiple locations. Here’s a link […]

  • Umm…one marriage license and a large fries please

    Rev. Phil Williams Originally uploaded by Lilaland. I totally wasn’t kidding. They REALLY DID GET MARRIED AT A DRIVE-THROUGH! We REALLY love Maria and Scott…they rule.

  • Rutgers Graduate’s Red Knot Expedition

    Rutgers Graduate, Daniel Hernandez, has just returned from several weeks in Tierra Del Fuego, in Southern Chile. The expedition was to survey the Red Knot population that winters there and breeds in the Canadian Arctic. These are the same birds that migrate through New Jersey, stopping to feed on the horseshoe crab eggs in Delaware […]

  • Recently Hitched…

    Scott & Maria Originally uploaded by woodcreeper. …at a Drive-Through in Vegas. WE LOVE MARIA AND SCOTT!


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