Like finally coming out of a nightmare…

I’ve been battling with my web hosting company for WEEKS over the use of my download scripts for the nightly radar. They just didn’t get it. Their name was HostMerit, by the way, and they scammed me out of $75. I was desperate- so I called my friend Scott Elowitz, who has an awesome site dedicated to his bird photography at, and he turned me on to his service provider, who I now know as “Larry” (at Larry is the best- and had me up and running in 24 hours. If you need web hosting, I highly recommend him. Anyway, the radar is now downloading as it should, and I’ll be posting the nightly radar as soon as there’s something to post. If anyone is interested in supporting (yes, I DO need support for this site!) please come buy something at my cafepress store, buy some bumper stickers, drop a donation in the kitty (think of it as adopting a woodcreeper- I’ll send you a picture each month of your very own adoptee), or schedule me to come and talk to your local bird club. All of these things go right back into keeping the site up and running.



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