Testing the new layout

I just updated my WordPress blog by adding the Ocean Mist theme by Ed Merritt.

I still need to re-create my woodcreeper.com header, as the old working document I had was lost in my move from PC to MAC. So far I really like the new look; it’s brighter and a bit more organized… but I need to work on some of the style formatting, especially with the text flowing around the radar images. Anyway, all the functionality of woodcreeper.com is the same; you might just catch me switching back and forth between themes until I get it all worked out.

Another addition I made is the GeoPress plugin for WordPress. Let’s see how well it works to display a map of my current location (also the site of the Hutcheson Memorial Forest in Somerset, NJ)…


…hmm…not bad!

Good Birding


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3 Responses to Testing the new layout

  1. Susan Treesh says:

    Looks nice – but the realtime weather radar link should be more prominently displayed. Also, stylistically, I think the top third should have more text stating what the site is. You might consider a color-coded icon for the overnight migration – green, yellow, red – or some such simplistic thing that would encourage people to click further for more information.

  2. mmmm- liking the Ocean Mist!

    Also, welcome to the Mac side!!

  3. stephen bahr says:

    Looks good David !
    I would suggest a black text on your white background for easier reading . I haved moved from Cook Campus to Livingston Campus so I am right across the road from Rutgers Ecological Preserve now. I will chime in with my sightings there from time to time. I am interested to see what breeding species these woods hold. – steve