More birds

No time to post the radar today (sorry!) but migration was hot and heavy again. The main trajectory was NE->SW which means that the inland hotspots will be, well, hot! Raccoon Ridge, Chimney Rock, Cold Brook Preserve, the NP Dredge Spoils, all of them should see new birds on Tuesday morning. Cape May will see less of this flight, but will remain a good choice for raptors, and to a lesser extent, passerines. Speaking of which, there were 11 Golden Eagles counted from the hawkwatch today. ELEVEN. Wow. Too bad I was working all day and saw zero! (ouch!)

Good birding- and please stop back and let us know how it was out there!


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One Response to More birds

  1. Jenny says:

    Thanks David! Keep the posts coming. Great day at Forsythe–bald eagle, peregrine falcon, a bunch of n harriers, flock of snow geese, am bittern, hooded merganser, tons of blue herons, etc. Will the rain kill the birding for the next two days, and does that mean this weekend will be great?