A plea for feedback

We’ve got a great community here. According to my site stats upwards of 600 unique visitors come here for their daily dose of radar and migration; that’s fantastic! Unfortunately my part is only half of the equation, and without your feedback the site remains a one-way street with little usefulness in terms of ground-truthing (and hence, little use as an archive of migration over the Upper Midwest). So I’m asking you today to please consider providing some comments following a day of birding so we can all learn more about the relationship between what we see on the radar and what we find on the ground!

A comment can be as simple as a one-liner, a copy-pasted post you might make to your local listserve, or even copy-pasting your eBird list. It shouldn’t be daunting- anything is better than an empty comment section! 🙂

4 responses to “A plea for feedback”

  1. A Baltimore Oriole (male) and a Chipping Sparrow both returned to my metro Detroit backyard, yesterday. The Dark-eyed Juncos left last Friday. This evening, I had a first of season Purple Martin flying over the yard, which is situated between two lakes.

  2. Droves of White-throated sparrows arrived over night along with Rose-breasted grosbeaks and some Ovenbirds. Ruby-crowned kinglets are still abundant here in southern Trempealeau county. Other birders have reported Orange-crowned, Palm, Nashville and Yellow warblers arriving yesterday and today in adjacent La Crosse county, WI. Still lots of Yellow-rumped warblers present. Definitely a big movement last night around here!

    • Thanks Kathleen! I’ve closed the comments on this posts since the real value is having the comments associated with the actual post for that day. Thanks again for pioneering the comment wave! May it continue to grow!!


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