The future of

The future of

To radar, or not to radar, that might be the question. Well I finally got my site back online after some file and database issues caused every link to lead to a blank page…frustrating! It seems like everything is fixed now and you can browse the archives as you wish. If you’re looking for some background on how to read the radar for bird migration, check out the FAQ at the top of the page, or use this link.

This week marks my last days as a Leica employee and two weeks before me and my family head back to Cape May so I can assume my new role as Director of the Cape May Bird Observatory. As you can probably guess, I’m beyond excited about this new opportunity, and grateful for my time with Leica Sport Optics which really broadened my experience in areas important to excelling in my new role. Sometimes the stars align.

As for, a new hosting plan has ensured that my overhead costs will be less than before, which helps ‘keep the lights on’. I will keep the site going as an archive of radar data and analysis for as long as it remains useful. As for going forward, that’s a little more up-in-the-air at this point. Given my recent life schedule, daily radar updates are unlikely to continue. Perhaps I’ll post periodic radar analyses when possible and/or when notable. Quite likely I’ll also be posting thoughts and ideas from my new life as Director, musings on migration in general, and reposting things I find interesting on the web and otherwise.

So there you have it, an official update! Thanks again for being a supporter of, and please say hello if and when you’re down in Cape May after August 1st!

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