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David A. La Puma, Ph.D.

Director, Cape May Bird Observatory

New Jersey Audubon

Email: david AT woodcreeper.com~or~ david.lapuma AT njaudubon.org

Phone: 732.447.4894

Check out my teaching portfolio for more information on my research interests, teaching philosophies, and a copy of my CV.

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  1. Hi David,
    Love your site. I’m rather new to the radar watch. Birds are coming thru Fort Myers everyday. Great to see the show. I just wondered if there is a good Fort Myers link for the radar watch. My daughter-in law would love to show her students (4th grade ) how it all works.

    Gail Campbell

    • Thanks Gail!

      Angel and Mariel Abreu are doing a great job running the website badbirdz2.wordpress.com which tracks birds over Florida using the same weather radar. You should point your daughter-in-law to that site if she hasn’t seen it already. If she wants to look specifically at Fort Meyers, then the nearest radars would be Tampa Bay and Miami. You can find them both here: http://weather.rap.ucar.edu/radar/ by clicking the individual radars on the map. Hope that helps!



  2. Kim says:

    We love your site! Great information shared here.

  3. Elizabeth J. Wheeler says:

    Hi David:

    New to your site and I love it. I am already up early checking your radar:)

    Elizabeth J. Wheeler

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