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  • Heaviest migration yet this spring

    The Floodgates Are Open! Last night I got several emails from people speculating on the favorable migration conditions. Clear skies, light southerly winds, and the time of year with respect to how few birds have already moved through, all set the stage for this textbook example of nocturnal migration. Birds at all locations around the […]

  • Big migration over the Eastern Flyway

    Wow. The radars were working overtime last night! Lots of birds were migrating up and down the east coast, and many seemed to be flying lower than usual due to the unfavorable winds at higher altitudes. My interpretation is based on the messiness of the radar images and the strong echoes (green) around the origin […]

  • Eastern flyway goin’ off!

    Wow! The radar is ablaze tonight across the entire Eastern Flyway, most of the Mississippi Flyway and part of the Central Flyway. One could say that the floodgates are open after several weeks of poor to mediocre migration conditions.  Even tonight though, winds on the surface are variable and winds aloft have a northerly component, begging […]

  • Big migration over the Mid-Atlantic

    Heavy migration over the entire Mid Atlantic last night, including New Jersey. The predominant movement was from the s/sw to n/ne, and it looks like all spring migrant traps should be very birdy today. New species should be expected at most locations, with the majority of new diversity across the southern part of the state. […]

  • Birds on the move

    Birds are desperate to migrate! Both the Fort Dix and Dover radar stations were showing nocturnal migration last night despite the less-than-perfect wind conditions (from the north at altitude, but calm at the surface). This is a moderate migration event although new birds clearly made it across the Delaware bay and into South Jersey including […]


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