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  • Rarity Roundup Results

    This years rarity roundup, with the ominous start date of 11-11-11, sure looked good on paper! NW winds on Friday turning WSW on Saturday just felt like a conveyor belt for wayward western strays. The reality, though, was a little bit different. Thanks to everyone who participated, which included a number of fantastic and dedicated […]

  • Parked at the window

    I decided to take the morning “off” today, and move the LazyBoy (recliner, not me… although the name may apply to both) over to the window where I could watch the bird feeders in comfort. Given all the hoopla over winter finches in the Northeast, and the number of Pine Siskin sightings in New Jersey, […]

  • Singing Youngster

    This hatch-year White-crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys) was caught singing his little head off during my recent sparrow fest out here in Somerset, NJ. I digi-video’d him with my Coolpix 4500 digital camera, and Leica Televid APO spotting scope. You can see some more photos of sparrow-fest on my flickr site, or click on the images […]

  • Migration outlook for Saturday and Sunday

    This weekend the forecast is calling for strong winds out of the Northwest and West at all altitudes. Therefore, I don’t expect anything to be moving tonight (Saturday) or tomorrow night (Sunday) unless something changes. I’ll update the forecast if anything changes. In the meantime, it’s been really cool to have both Fox Sparrow AND […]

  • Waiting for the Neotrops…

    You gotta love Louisiana. From the LABirds listserve: This morning as I stepped out onto the back porch I immediately heard the familiar call of the Prothonotary Warbler. I retrieved my binoculars from within and a few moments later I spotted it exploring the spare tire on my wife’s car under our car port. This […]


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