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  • Hotlinks

    Tis the season for politicking! Thanks to Myla for sending me this link to her favorite political ad: The Hutcheson Memorial Forest has a new website! Come visit at You can download the Fall/Winter tour schedule, check out the publication list back to the mid-1950’s and download the papers that interest you

  • Reverse Lookup Dictionary

    Have you ever found yourself trying to remember a word but only remembering the meaning? It makes it much harder to look it up doesn’t it?! I was wracking my brain this morning trying to remember “naming convention” (I got the “naming” part, but couldn’t recollect the “convention”…this was particularly frustrating!), when I decided to […]

  • Quail Hunting School

    Sandra sent me a great online game. This is really a riot… Click here to go to Quail Hunting School

  • Uncle Don, oh Uncle Don

    Inga’s Uncle Don always sends her various emails containing things like a dozen photos from Mardi gras, or video clips of funny commercials. So, in honor of Uncle Don I Googled “banned commercials” and “funny commercials“. My journey has taken me far and wide, but these are a few of my current favorites. On iFilm […]


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