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  • Big migration last night

     So my radar source seems to have “gone under” for awhile. I’m in the process of switching over to a better one, but now that I’m in South Florida for 2 weeks, it might not happen as quickly as I’d like. Anyway, this is the national composite image from midnight, last night.  Migration was evident over most of the […]

  • Birds over Jerze

    Optimal migration conditions continued last night, with clear skies and light northeast winds across the northeast and mid-Atlantic states. The radar indicated nocturnal migration from Maine through Florida, with the highest concentrations being along the coast. Migration was noticeably less than the previous night, although it is typical for heavy movements to be followed by […]

  • Wrapping up the 2006 Spring Migration Study

    Well, it had to come to an end sometime, so it might as well be now. Tomorrow morning Inga and I head south to Georgia for the big wedding. I’ll be back after our honeymoon around June 16th. Until then may waves of migrants beat down your doors. Thank you for making this third spring […]

  • Migration over New Jersey

    Alright! The Northeast corridor has been open for several evenings now. Here’s the radar from sunset last night through sunrise this morning. Migration was widespread across the east coast last night and heaviest from the mid-atlantic to extreme northeast. Again, the trajectory suggests that Sandy Hook would be a good bet this morning, but as […]

  • Migration forecast

    Lots of birds moving along the east coast with clear skies and south winds…looks like tomorrow will be another day to check the trees! Blue-winged Warbler © David La Puma


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