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  • A word from my friend Jeff

    There are some friends who are physically present at all times… and others who disappear for awhile, only to return as if they had never left. Jeff is one of the latter, but whose friendship and perspective I am always grateful to share whenever the opportunity arises. He just sent me this email today, which […]

  • Rich Wolfert

    Scarlet Tanager-Key West Originally uploaded by rwolfert. Since migration is on hold during this time of northwest winds, I thought I’d draw some attention to one of our local birders/photographers, Rich Wolfert. Rich runs the East Brunswick Nature Notes website and just so happens to take a few pretty nice photos in his spare time. […]

  • WordPress upgraded to 2.5

    Some cool new features in WordPress 2.5 that I just had to take for a test spin… such as ALBUMS: These are a few shots I took after an ice storm a couple of months ago… let’s just hope those days are over for this year, at least.

  • 2 Days at Hunter

    The Crew – hot Originally uploaded by lovmallee. What a sweet couple of days with friends! We braved the bitter cold and were rewarded with some awesome riding and skiing at Hunter Mountain… just enough to remind us how it’s done- and get me and Inga ready for Tahoe next weekend! 🙂

  • Winter Solstice 2007

    No solstice party would be right without a poussin stuffed pheasant stuffed duck stuffed goose… May you and yours have a wonderful holiday season and happy New Year. Cheers The La Puma’s, Cassey’s and Boulton’s


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