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  • Rutgers Scarlet Knight-Herons RIDE AGAIN (literally, this time!)

    I’ve been lucky to be a part of the Rutgers Scarlet Knight-Herons World Series of Birding  (WSB) team for the last two years. After last year’s event our team came to a consensus that we needed to try something different; something that was more in-line with our ideals as ecologists, conservationists, and more simply put: […]

  • The Dawn Chorus

    If you’re like me, you don’t have air conditioning in your house. Therefore, you’ve probably noticed the dawn chorus outside your window well before you’re fully awake. It usually begins around 30 minutes before sunrise, and continues for about 45 minutes after the sun breaks the horizon. Several theories have been proposed to explain the […]

  • Interestingness

    RunForTheWoods_58 Originally uploaded by woodcreeper. Last Saturday… I was photographing our annual Run For The Woods fundraiser at the Frank G. Helyar Woods (part of the Rutgers Gardens). I love this guy’s display of school spirit! If you can’t read the writing on the paper pinned to his shirt- it says “IMUS SUCKS” On another […]


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