Birdy Tomorrow?

I just checked out the weather forecast for tomorrow and it looks as if the eye of the storm will track close to the NJ coast, over and past Cape May around sunrise. The strongest winds are in the Northeast quadrant which should be offshore tomorrow morning. Conditions will improve rapidly after the storm passes…should be nice! I’m heading to Cape May Point first thing in the AM. Hope to see some of you there.


My photo gallery is currently being populated. So far there are only a few galleries up, but it should get going really soon, so please check back regularly. I put up some pictures from my Alaska trip last year and looking at them is making me want to go back!


The New Website

So this is the new home of my website. I’m hoping this isn’t a pattern: Start a site, get it going, tear it down, repeat. I decided that this new content-driven format would lend itself to my newest pet project, monitoring bird migration over New Jersey using Doppler radar. I’ve also been looking for a way to organize and display my photographs in a way that people can view and comment on them. This seems to be the best option. I hope you’ll find the site interesting, and that you’ll be a part of its evolution. To be a participant, you should register. Registration will allow you to interact with the site and in turn become part of the community using this resource. Don’t worry, registration is free and not connected to any gimmick or advertisement- it’s only function is to add you and your comments to the site database. It’s pretty cool stuff!
Well, I hope to see you around.



No Migration Detected


Very little of anything in the radar this morning, likely due to the southwesterly airflow. Click the image above to see the radar loop from 4am – 7am. Note that what little seems to be in the radar disappears just after sunrise, a sign that some birds were moving, however minimal.