November 7th is coming!

Perplexed by the 2006 ballot questions? Well, I was…so here’s what I found:

Public Question #1:
Dedicates Annual Revenue of an Amount Equal to a Tax Rate of 0.5% under the State Sales Tax for Property Tax Reform

David’s Take:
The state is raising the sales tax by 1% anyway…property taxes in NJ are out of control…sounds good to me.
See the Philadelphia Inquirer article for more info

Public Question #2:
Constitutional Amendment to Expand Uses of Dedicated Tax Revenues to Fund Improvements and Facilities on Preserved Open Space Lands

David’s take: The amendment stems from many years of underfunded maintenance to the state’s conservation, historic, and recreation lands. I found many websites of support, including the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), the national Trust for Public Land (TPL). I was hesitant because when reading the ballot it sounds like it’s ‘taking away’ from one good thing to fund another…but after reading the arguments for the amendment, it looks like a worthy reallocation.

Public Question #3:
Constitutional Amendment Changes the Dedication of Motor Fuels Tax to State Transportation System

David’s take: The state already puts 9 cents per gallon into a fund for transportation costs (roads, bridges, and mass transit…why is mass transit always listed LAST!!!????). This amendment would increase that amount to 10.5 cents. Alas, if you’ve driven in NJ you know the roads need work…and I’m always in favor of putting more money into mass transit…so this one is looking good as well.

More resources:
The Express Times (article on all three ballot questions)
Not registered yet? Want more voter info? Check out the NJ Division of Elections website
Also always ‘on the ball’ is the NJ Public Interest Group

Good Voting!


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