Migration (website) season winding down

Well, my computer finally did bite the dust this morning, but I have to say I was lucky since it lasted through my presentation at the Florida Ornithological Society meeting on Saturday. I’ve now got a Mac, and I’m trying to get all the programs up and running so I can post the radar again soon…but not too soon, since the season is winding down anyway. Birds will continue to move through; but the vast diversity, that characterizes the peak of fall migration, has passed. As soon as I get my computer up and running I’ll continue to post whenever there’s a big flight. Early November is still good for major fallouts even if diversity is low. I will also put together a summary of this fall’s migration patterns, and let you know how the upgrades to the site are going as we move toward the spring. Thanks so much to all of you who have participated, commented, read, and joined the Woodcreeper/Badbirdz Flock. Your support is greatly appreciated, and will be instrumental in carrying the site through the coming year.
Enjoy the wonderful weather while it lasts, but don’t wish for too much warmth, as the Evening Grosbeaks are just over that hill!

Good Birding



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