Month: November 2007

  • Parked at the window

    I decided to take the morning “off” today, and move the LazyBoy (recliner, not me… although the name may apply to both) over to the window where I could watch the bird feeders in comfort. Given all the hoopla over winter finches in the Northeast, and the number of Pine Siskin sightings in New Jersey, […]

  • Nocturnal Research

    Inga and I were fortunate enough to join the DVOC in visiting one of Scott Weidensaul’s Northern Saw-whet Owl banding stations. The particular station is located near Wayne, Pennsylvania, along the Kittatinny Ridge. Jim Logan Jr. was the lead bander, and working with him were seven owl-savvy volunteers. Several participants “adopted” Saw-whet Owls throughout the […]

  • Birds over New Jersey

    Migration over New Jersey is heavy tonight. Anyone hearing birds overhead? Good Birding David

  • November Migration

    It’s a tough call, whether to continue the radar migration posts through November. It can be a great month for large movements of the common winter species, or as Sam Galick pointed out yesterday on Jerseybirds, it represents the best month for rarities in Cape May. Either way, I’ve just gotten my Mac up and […]

  • Winter Migration

    Hey Birders- I’ve posted a migration forecast for the mid-Atlantic on Come by and check it out. Good Birding David


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