Birds over New Jersey

Migration over New Jersey is heavy tonight. Anyone hearing birds overhead?

Good Birding


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2 responses to “Birds over New Jersey”

  1. we’re still seeing some replacement at Duke. A large number of adult white throateds appeared yesterday, along with a trickle of swamps/the last few kinglets/vespers.

    Also, there’s been a reliable report of evening grosbeaks here so central NJ should look alive! My guess is that with this bumper crop of ash seeds, checking those trees could be profitable.

  2. East Point and the Bivalve area were super this morning. 25 PURPLE FINCHES, 300 or so YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS, 1 CAVE SWALLOW was a great find as they usually head to Cape May Point on NW winds. TOWHEES and FLICKERS were everywhere. Lots of ROBINS around. Only 7 RUBY-CROWNED KINGLETS though. And no Golden-crowned for me today. CEDAR WAXWING numbers were good. As were the SAVANAH and SWAMP SPARROW totals. I had 1 TREE SPARROW – my first of fall. And a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW.


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