And now for something (not so completely) different…

Well, I admit that it’s unusual during this time of year for me to post my typical rants and raves, primarily because I’m so busy with the radar… but it’s an election year, so expect a little interlude now and then, especially when things are slow (for more on this phenomenon, see Derek Lovitch’s blog entry from March 2007, below is an excerpt).

Hawkwatches are unique birding environments. Very social in nature (Bird Watcher’s Digest even published an article of mine a few years back entitled the “Social Behavior of Hawkwatchers”, in which I discussed an experiment I conducted that equated the topic of conversation with the current rate of the raptor migration! By the way, if politics are being discussed, I found it safe to assume that there were no hawks in the air that day!).

Okay, anyway, in celebration of Barrack naming his VP running mate, and because a McCain presidency scares the hell out of me, here’s a little tidbit hot off of YouTube:

And, for those of you who can’t understand how I could post something like this… how does the song go? “If you don’t know me by now…”

Good Birding AND Politicking,



One response to “And now for something (not so completely) different…”

  1. David,

    Great video! Thanks for sharing. And they called Kerry a flip flopper!!


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