It’s that time of the year again!

This last year saw a whole lot of changes here at and Badbirdz-Reloaded. Most notable was Angel and Mariel Abreu taking the reins at Badbirdz and really running with it to the point that I have done nothing but keep the download scripts chugging along, and archiving the data for them. While my vision is to eventually have sites like these running across the country, the fact that someone (or some-two!) has gotten hooked enough to devote the time necessary to make it happen has been quite rewarding to witness. On another note, the economy has obviously impacted all of us in one way or another, and the lack of funding necessary to keep my migration forecast going at definitely made it difficult to fund my pet projects (namely and Badbirdz-Reloaded). Despite this, I still upgraded my hosting in order to maintain the added gigabytes of radar imagery that has accrued since 2004.

In the past, many of you supported both of these sites by making donations, or purchasing bumper stickers, or whatever I was hocking on any given day. For that I have always been grateful, and your support has kept the sites going for the last five years.  As we near the end of fall migration, and head into winter, we also approach the time when my website hosting fees are due. As much as I hate to ‘pass the hat’, keeping and Badbirdz-Reloaded running does cost about $20/ month. Additional costs include hiring a programmer to write and update the download scripts, and developing a means for automating the process so that we can spend less time making the image loops, and more time analyzing them. Any donation you can make will be greatly appreciated, and all of the money will go directly into supporting the two websites.

You can find more information, on supporting the web site, on the following page:

Thank you, as always, for your support.

David La Puma

Angel & Mariel Abreu


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