The fin(anci)al countdown

Hey fans- we’re 10-days away from collection day when I either pay the internet service provider fees, or vacate the “property”. Right now we’re $270 short of paying the 2010/2011 fees so your help is greatly needed. Please consider giving whatever you can as every little bit helps. You can do so by either sending a check directly to me, or using via the link on this page.

Thanks for your support- and I look forward to seeing you again here in the spring!

Checks can be sent to:

David La Puma
500 Fern Rd
Villas, NJ 08251

Good Birding


3 responses to “The fin(anci)al countdown”

  1. All I can do for you this year is say a prayer that you meet you’re goal. I’m laidoff from work right now and am low on funds myself. Not enough to hop in the car and head to the sea watch or check out forsythe for the first time. Bills, Bills and gas is another bill. A lot of people in the hobby have second homes in stone harbor, cape may city, you name it. Hopefully some of them would be generous enough to help you with the great service you provide. I wouldn’t count on them though. They didn’t get to stone harbor or cape may city throwing their money to people who need it most. Will stay posted and hope to be able to help ya. In my biz I could be dispatched to a job and be working for a long time. Or I could work one day and get another layoff check. Good luck and stay focused on your Mr. LaPuma. For now I’m a backyard bird watcher.

    Robert H. Dube Jr
    234 W.Wildwood Ave
    Wildwood, NJ 08260

    • Robert-

      Thanks for the moral support- it fuels the site the most! Good luck in these tough times and please don’t feel the need to justify your actions. I’ll be honest, it’s just great to know that someone in Wildwood is checking out I HAD NO IDEA! Times are tough for everyone, and I try to only ask for the money it takes to pay my internet service provider and not for any time and effort I put into the site. Anything above the bills is lagniappe, and it usually goes right back into the site in the form of software I buy for the radar image management, etc. I have been fortunate that each year users of the site have come forth and gotten the bills paid on time, so I expect that will happen again this year (although it is getting a little close!! 🙂 ). So far about $70 has come in to-date, so we’re getting there! Again, around 500 people visit the site each day, and if 10% of them donated $12 per year (just $1 per month!), that would generate enough $600 which would cover the NEW hosting fees (which include added storage for the archive) for two years. But it all comes down to priorities, and if your priorities are constrained by keeping the lights on, or putting food on the table, or keeping gas in the car so you can look for or go to a job, well, should NOT be a priority. What we need is a nice endowment… that would solve all of our problems! 🙂 When I hit the lottery, though, I’ll be sure to send you some too.

      Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. I can definatly help you out with maintaining and expanding your site. I’m working again I will be sure to mail you a check. I’m not very computer savvy for someone my age, or I would use paypal. Not on my own laptop very much. I really only use the computer for browsing the web, keeping in touch, and a place to drop my photos. Now I can do most of what I use the computer for on my android phone. Have you ever thought of having an app created for android? I wouldn’t be the one to help you with that, I’m not knowlegable about that sort of thing. Perhaps one of the interperitive naturalists @CMBO could help you with that. They probably have friends from school who majored in whatever the major is for making an app. Appiology with a minor in apple/android/windows/palm? They know the orinthology of the area. Could even be done as a project through a school in the state with a good science and technology department. I had just seen earlier today they finally put Sibley on the android market. Mike Hannisian was telling a woman about the apple version, when I last checked it wasn’t up yet. Not sure if I would purchase it just yet. The real thing doesn’t run on batteries and could be rolled over with a roller, dirt or asphalt and still work just fine. But im an old fashioned bookworm. A lot of these apps have google maps tied right into them. You could have a layer with your data streaming in real time with a map pin where the birder is. One click to open the app a second to click on that feature. One click on the home screen to open right to that map. No click with the map as someones background. It could get more younger people into the hobby. If droid does, they would too. Perhaps by next fall as a time line. From what I understand the spring here is all about shorebirds, seems easy enough to go enjoy, but being in the right place at the right time for tweety birds takes any tool you can get. At the right price the app could be a big help on that end. Thanks again. Have a nice holiday season.


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