Thank You!

Words can’t describe the gratitude I feel towards you and your support for I received some beautiful cards and letters along with your financial contributions and each of them inspired and motivated me for the upcoming spring season.

I know from the website statistics that we get approximately 500 visitors per day during peak migration, and this tapers off to only a couple dozen during the off season (who wants to visit when I’m not updating?!) which are mostly people checking out some of the historical data as well as the static pages such as the Frequently Asked Questions. Still, I only hear directly from a few regular contributors and a handful of emails throughout the year, so this outpouring of support and feedback was quite exciting. Most of the people who contacted me this time were “new-to-me” (although many commented that they had been checking out for multiple years), while I also heard from others whom I would consider our “sustainers”, those who come back year after year and contribute to paying the bills.

It takes a village.

So to everyone who contributed support whether moral, financial, or otherwise, Thank You.

Good Birding,



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