Spring 2012 Early Wrapup

Here we are in late May and birds continue to push north to the breeding grounds while the earliest arrivals sit on eggs or even feed the recently hatched. We should still see migration on the NEXRAD radar network into early June, but expect things to slow down over the next week. On that note, I’m getting to a few deadlines that require my undivided attention and so after today I’m going to suspend my daily posts to www.woodcreeper.com in an effort to complete these projects. If I see any major flights going on over the Mid Atlantic or the Upper Midwest I’ll be sure to ‘tweet’ it out on Twitter (@woodcreeper) and possibly get it out to www.woodcreeper.com if time allows- so be sure to follow me on Twitter to keep updated! I will also work on summarizing this spring for a later post this summer so stay tuned.
If you found www.woodcreeper.com useful this spring, I urge you to consider becoming a supporter of the site (click here for the details). Currently the online archive stands at roughly 9 Gigabytes which is pretty huge considering how many people access it (almost 10 years of archived radar, my interpretations, and your ground-truthing, accessed by 500 – 1000 visitors per day). Each year this translates to $220 in hosting fees, plus several hundred dollars in software and hardware upgrades. Anything you send to www.woodcreeper.com goes right back into the site making it better in future iterations.

Thanks for your interest, feedback, and support throughout the years. I look forward to experiencing migration with you again this fall. If you regularly tune-in to any of the other BIRDAR websites, please consider supporting them as well (contact them individually for details), and if you’re interested in joining the growing number of sites yourself drop me a line and I can help you get set up.

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5 responses to “Spring 2012 Early Wrapup”

  1. Thanks as always for doing this! It’s been very quiet the last week here in SW Jersey. I hope we see another flight! I have enjoyed following migration through the interior of the country via Woodcreeper.


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