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  • Birds and Bailando in Cuba!

    Birds and Bailando in Cuba!

    For decades Cuba was a dream destination to me, then in 2018 I was fortunate to put this tour together for NJ Audubon with my friend Gary Markowski, owner and operator of Caribbean Conservation Trust. Gary merged his time-tested birding itinerary that he and his team have been perfecting for over 26 years, with my other passion for music, in the Havana Jazz Plaza (Havana Jazz Festival). The result exceeded all of my expectations, so much so that we didn’t think twice to run it again in 2019 for another fabulous experience. I’ve been wanting to run this tour again since COVID hit, but for obvious reasons we had to shelve it. Now we’re bringing it back, and I really hope you will join us. Click the link above to read all about it!

  • A bat book you won’t be able to put down

    A bat book you won’t be able to put down

    There are great scientists, and there are great communicators, and then there are those who can can communicate science extraordinarily well. I often think of this Venn diagram, and of how much I value the area of overlap between the two spheres. Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac, Scott Weidensaul’s Living on the Wind, David Quammen’s […]

  • Departure Day 12/8/15 – Getting to the Lodge at Pico Bonito

    Departure Day 12/8/15 – Getting to the Lodge at Pico Bonito

    A 5:30am international flight meant a departure from cape may just after midnight. Sure I could have pushed it, but who can sleep before such an adventure anyway? Podcasts and wawa coffee got me through and I made it to the gate before it opened, along with a Mexican couple and soon a family from Guatemala. Just hearing Spanish again got me excited for the journey ahead. But first I would have to contort into a pretzel for a three hour flight to Houston.

  • Back…to the TROPICS!

    Back…to the TROPICS!

    I’m heading to the Tropics! Join me and an intrepid group of birders, naturalists and writers (some are all three!) for some serious fun in Honduras as we put the new Leica Trinovid HD through its paces. The Lodge at Pico Bonito will be home base for the next week! But first I need to get there…

  • The future of

    The future of

    To radar, or not to radar, that might be the question. What will the future bring for Read on for some thoughts.


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