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  • Heavy migration into the Midwest; a good push up through the Northeast as well

    National Overview No time to post right now, but wanted to get the word out that there was some moderate to heavy migration from the Central US all the way to the East Coast. Click on the individual radar thumbnails below for the animated loops. Below are the radar loops from sunset last night through […]

  • Spring 2012 Early Wrapup

    Here we are in late May and birds continue to push north to the breeding grounds while the earliest arrivals sit on eggs or even feed the recently hatched. We should still see migration on the NEXRAD radar network into early June, but expect things to slow down over the next week. On that note, […]

  • Migration contines as front pushes east

    National Overview I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: migration happens all the time, especially in spring. It’s worth taking a gander at the national composite from yesterday through this morning over at Paul Hurtado’s radar archive here. Looking at that you can really see how migration gets concentrated along the southerly wind […]

  • Heavy migration into the Upper Midwest

    National Overview The migration superhighway was open for business once again last night as the latest front pushed east across the Plains and Midwest. The heaviest migration was along the frontal boundary which swept across western Iowa and Minnesota by morning. Birders across the Midwest should be seeing new birds today. Below are the radar […]

  • Birds continue to move up through the middle of the U.S. and taper off in the east

    National Overview A strong migration signal was apparent across the middle of the US from Texas to Minnesota as a series of surface lows make their way east across the Great Plains. Southerly flow along these fronts created the optimal migration weather which continued eastward to the Great Lakes and decreased to the East Coast […]


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