Category: Fall Migration 2004

  • Migration last night

    Birds were on the move over the Northeast last night. The radar loop is from sunset last night through 8:30am this morning, and shows a moderate amount of migration over New Jersey. There is some anomalous propagation present, due to the significant difference in earth and air temperature after sunset (resulting in temperature inversion) but […]

  • Fall Migration Wrap Up

    So it looks like Fall Migration has come to an end. Really though, it hasn’t stopped altogether, but the majority of southbound migrants have made their way out of the north and down toward their wintering grounds in anticipation of the approaching cold…

  • Birds over New Jersey

    Good numbers of birds moved over NJ last night with north winds and clear skies…

  • Birds on the move

    Steady NW winds and clear skies have made the past two nights quite favorable for migration..

  • Birds on the move

    Last night’s radar showed really good movement of birds over our area, with winds out of the NW and clear skies leading the way…


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