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  • More birds moving through the Central US

    More birds moving through the Central US

    BOOM! There they go again! Heavy migration behind the latest fronts from the Mid-Atlantic to the West Coast. The heaviest migration was smack dab in the middle of the country, owing to the great movements of birds out of the Upper Midwest over the last few nights. Migration was lighter south of the fronts, and minimal along the New England coast (where I am right now!) due to the southerly flow… but that should change as these fronts move farther south and east today and tomorrow. In the meantime, fallout potential exists along the frontal boundaries and good birding conditions should be apparent at migrant traps throughout the Central US.

  • Fronts stacked up and filled with birds

    Fronts stacked up and filled with birds

    Check out the three fronts stacked up across the Midwest! And between each cookie layer there’s a heaping filling of sweet migrant goodness. Migration was heaviest across the Upper Midwest and down through the Central U.S. with only the Northeastern U.S. neglected due to poor conditions last night. That will change as these fronts move through and cooler air brings birds down from the Boreal breeding grounds over the next few days. Fallout potential is best along the precipitous frontal boundaries while otherwise widespread movement will bring new birds to migrant traps across the U.S. this morning. No time to do the individual radars today, so go ahead and take a stab at them yourselves; besides, you all know what you’re doing by now!!! 🙂

  • Birds behind the front

    Birds behind the front

    cold front draped across the country from Nevada to the Ottawa, Canada marked the southern boundary of moderate to heavy migration down into the midsection of the U.S. this morning. High pressure over the Southeastern U.S. also allowed birds to move south but migration densities were much more diffuse. Migration was also evident across the western U.S. all the way to the Pacific Coast. Birders along the aforementioned front this morning should be on the lookout for high densities of birds locally.

  • Migration in full swing

    Migration in full swing

    Conditions across the U.S. continue to favor nocturnal migration in all but a few locales. A frontal system draped across the Atlantic did cut off Peninsular Florida from the bulk of incoming migrants, but otherwise birds were moving in moderate to high densities from New England to Texas, and from Arizona to the Pacific Northwest. The Upper Midwest and Appalachian regions appeared to have the highest densities of migrants moving last night.

  • Widespread migration continues across U.S.

    Widespread migration continues across U.S.

    As the latest cold front marches across the U.S., birds took to the sky once more last night. My computer is on its last legs and is taking forever to download and process the data, so I’m very short on time this morning. Here’s the radar for your interpretation!


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