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  • New arrivals overnight

    Although northerly winds clearly dominated at higher altitudes, light southerly winds at the surface allowed for moderate to heavy migration over the region last night. Here’s the radar from sunset last night through 5:30am this morning. Frames are every 1/2 hour for reflectivity and velocity, and every hour for the regional composite. Click on the […]

  • Back in New Jersey

    We’re back, and we’re married! We had a wonderful “wedding week” with lots of fun hiking, biking, swimming, and most of all, partying, with family and friends. Inga and I were so taken aback with how many of our loved ones could make it to the mountains of Georgia for the wedding- a testament to […]

  • Welcome Home, Tess!

    The Arrival of Tess Originally uploaded by Woodcreeper. Tess has arrived! Inga and I have been planning to get a dog since the end of June, but decided to wait until I was feeling better after the operation. I had been researching Catahoula Hounds for a month, actually considering driving down to Louisiana to pick […]

  • Recovery Update

    Feeling much better! Originally uploaded by woodcreeper. Today marks the 13th day since my surgery, and a day-and-a-half since I stopped taking pain meds. I’m officially onto a simple diet of Advil, plus the regular steroids and anti-seizure meds required for the next few weeks. What a relief to finally begin feeling normal again. All […]

  • Hummingbird Photography

    Hummingbird Photography Set Originally uploaded by woodcreeper. Sitting around the house can get old quick. Thank goodness for the hummingbird feeder outside the dining room window! I’ve created a set of photographs, including three which depict my camera setup used to take the hummingbird images. If you view the set, make sure to click on […]


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