Bird on the Move

Look at that radar light up! Here’s a national composite (click the image to see the animation)…look at how the radar stations light up just after sunset, moving west with the setting sun. The last image is from about 10:30pm. Birds are moving all across the country! (all the dark blue circles that “appear” in the animation represent birds reaching altitude enough for the radar to detect them).
The image below is from 7pm last night until 6:30am this morning. It looks like there were some birds over the water after sunrise.

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2 Responses to Bird on the Move

  1. maddog says:

    That national composite is way cool!

  2. Sandra Keller says:

    A very good morning for August! Stuff was on the move and heading north
    from being caught out over the bay at dawn. Some stuff was aleady at Bivalve
    when I arrived at 6:45AM, other stuff flew over heading north as the morning
    progressed. Nothing was flying after 8:00AM or so.
    Had many Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, 1 Least and 1 Yellow-bellied Flycatcher,
    many Eastern Kingbirds, 3 Blue-winged Warblers, 6 Yellow Warblers, 2 or 3
    Magnolia Warblers, 1 Pine and 2 Prairie Warblers, 2 Black and White Warblers,
    12 Redstarts, 1 Canada Warblers, 3 Common Yellowthroats, 6 Yellow-billed
    Cuckoos, 15 Bobolinks. Many Indigo Buntings, Chipping Sparrows, and Blue
    Grosbeaks were around, but these were probably the local breeders.A few of
    the warblers may also have been local breeders.