Migration over New Jersey

Ugh! Is it 7:30 already??!!
Sorry for the late post.
Last night birds clearly took advantage of the favorable winds and clear skies. Here’s the radar and velocity from just after sunset last night through sunrise this morning. As you can see from the velocity, there appears to be some anomalous propagation over the Atlantic early in the evening, but most of the signal present is indeed birds. As Sandra pointed out yesterday, in regards to migration Satuday night, it appears more birds may have been moving out than moving in; this often happens early in the season under favorable, but not necessarily optimal conditions. It appears that birds were moving last night up until sunrise, so there should be some new stuff around today, albeit well dispersed across the state. We’re watching this next approaching front expected for Wednesday night. Tuesday and Wednesday nights should see southwest winds, so birds will be on the move.

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