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  • More birds push north from Texas to New Jersey as the latest front marches east

    More birds push north from Texas to New Jersey as the latest front marches east

    The latest frontal boundary extends from Texas to New Jersey as of last night, bringing southerly flow from Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula all the way through the Mid-Atlantic region. Trans-Gulf migration was evident late yesterday afternoon across the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast, and birds could also be seen making landfall in Florida this morning as they left Cuba after sunset last night. Heavy precipitation associated with the northeastern edge of the front may have caused some localized fallout conditions in the Washington D.C. area this morning as well. The Upper Midwest was again too far north of the frontal boundary to receive the bulk of the migrants heading towards the region, although the light and variable winds over the area did allow some birds already here to push farther to the northwest into the forecast zone.

  • Woodcreeper On The Road: Headed for High Island, TX

    Woodcreeper On The Road: Headed for High Island, TX

    Today Jeff and I are heading to High Island to do a little birding after three great days at the Galveston Featherfest. While we’re not expecting any heavy fallout on our last day of birding, we hope to have a small influx of new birds this afternoon as Trans-Gulf migrants push across and southwest winds build in over the Western Gulf Coast. Read on for the radar and more interpretation, and if you see us walking around with Leica gear at High Island, be sure to stop us and say hello!

  • Updated FAQ

    I’ve updated the FAQ with a video tutorial. Please check it out by clicking the button under the Pages menu to the right, or following this link

  • Chicken for breakfast? or bloody Balboa?

    Watching the Mets game last night I was again reminded of how crappy television can be… which is unfortunate, because the game was awesome (10-8 win with some serious battling down to the end of the 9th inning). Two images stick in my mind as of this morning; first being the Verizon FiOS commercial, where […]

  • What to do with that bitter lettuce?

    Well, I’m determined to do something with it… will try a Saag Paneer sometime next week, but in the meantime, I’m throwing the stuff into my blender by the handful… it’s actually pretty good! Here I am with my latest concoction: 2 Big handfuls of bitter lettuce + one big leaf of swiss chard, and […]


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