Month: May 2005

  • Little Migration Over NJ

    Only a trickle over New Jersey tonight, with winds light out of the west. I won’t be posting the radar for a few days, as I’m leaving for Florida tomorrow to complete my field work. I’ll be posting irregularly while down south, so use the real-time radar link to get up-to-date information. The season is […]

  • WSB forecast update

    Can’t we do the WSB in Ohio?? Yeah, well, it looks like we’re experiencing a net loss tonight, as the conditions to our south are less optimal for migration than the one under our noses (or is it ‘above our heads’?). I’ve posted the composite base reflectivity for our area which shows the New Jersey […]

  • World Series of Birding forecast

    I’m sure most of you doing the WSB tomorrow have already planned your routes, but I figured I’d give a migration outlook anyway. Last night’s northeast winds kept migration along the east coast down to a minimum. That was not the case, however, for the central US where southerly winds along the leading edge of […]

  • No Migration Detected

    Nothing moving tonight, with winds out of the Northeast at 5-10kts.

  • Big Migration Over New Jersey

    Updated 05/12/05 @ 6:30am The radar now covers from sunset last night through sunrise this morning. As you can see from the updated radar, the wind finally switched to the north around 3am, shutting down the big migration. Many birds were over the state at the time, so I would think that most locations are […]


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