Heavy migration tonight

NEXRAD national composite

Here’s the radar from 10:45pm tonight. I’m down in Florida right now, working on the Cape Sable seaside sparrow project, and I don’t have regular internet access. In lieu of posting the full radar, I’m letting you know that there is a MAJOR movement of birds over New Jersey right now. Birds are heading right for the heavy precipitation over the central part of the state which could set up for a huge fallout tomorrow. Conditions could be great throughout the state, with very high concentrations at Garret Mountain and probably also Sandy Hook.


Good Birding

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3 Responses to Heavy migration tonight

  1. Susan says:

    It will be interesting to see if this pans out. Since you are in Fla., you probably don’t know that the convection was already active by 8:30 in the western part of the state. The storm was significant – the lightning in particular was quite vivid – and rain continued on and off throughout the night. I don’t see how much migration could have gotten here.

  2. Drew Weber says:

    Garret was very birdy this morning, 21 spp of warbler

    Chestnut-sided- 2
    N Parula- 16
    B-t Blue- 15
    B-t Green- 17
    Ovenbird- 17
    Palm- 9
    Yellow-rumped- 30 (only because i stopped counting)
    Yellow- 1
    Black-and-white- 24
    Nashville- 6
    Blackburnian- 1
    Blue-winged- 2
    Redstart- 5
    Yellowthroat- 9
    N Waterthrush- 2
    Prairie- 1
    Magnolia- 1
    Pine- 1
    Wilson’s- 1

    Grosbeaks, catbirds and Blue-headed Vireos were also everywhere.

    Firsts include:
    Scarlet Tanager
    White-eyed Vireo
    White-crowned Sparrow
    Least Flycatcher
    Spotted Sandpiper

  3. Rob Fanning says:

    Ended the dat at the Celery Farm with a personal best 79 species, including 15 warblers, highlighted by Blackburnian, Blue-winged, Chestnut sided (2), and BT Blue (5+)Other highligts were a singing BOBOLINK, White-crowned Sparrow, Savannah Sparrow (3), Rusty Blackbird (6+), Snipe, male Ruddy Duck, and probable SB Dowitcher, and displaying Woodcock-Of course I missed Gr. Blue and TV–Great day!