David migrates to Villas, NJ

Is anyone reading this? It IS January, and so things at woodcreeper.com are pretty slow… but don’t be fooled- there are lots of irons in the fire right now! I just took a postdoctoral researcher position at NJ Audubon Society, where I’ll be quantifying stopover habitat using weather radar. I’ll still be running woodcreeper.com during migration, but now I’ll also be dedicating 40-hours per week actually analyzing radar data for my research. That (to my eyes and ears) is AWESOME! So I hope you continue to visit the site, and better yet, contribute your observations. Here’s to 2010 and all of the wonderful birds it will bring!




2 responses to “David migrates to Villas, NJ”

  1. David,

    Congrats to your successful migration and the new job. Looking forward to migration and your posts, thanks for all your hard work!


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