Some migration weather on the way

Between the text messages coming in about birds around Cape May and the activity on the various listserves covering the mid-Atlantic, Zugunruhe is setting in at my desk! The bird activity has definitely picked up around here as of the last couple of days. Don Freiday has been diligently posting about it on the blog, complete with snazzy photos from the local birding community. Therefore, I won’t go into specific sightings except to say that I’d like some time to look for that Eared Grebe that Chris Vogel found yesterday on the south end of Nummy Island (maybe tomorrow??).

I have been checking out the weather forecast, though, and it looks like things are going to pick up this weekend. Tonight, even, we could see a flight over New Jersey, although most of the favorable conditions will be quite local, so expect predominantly northbound winter residents such as White-throated and Song sparrows, American Robins, etc. (actually, you can pretty much expect these species regardless of the conditions, given the time of year). As a cold front approaches this weekend, the migration superhighway will connect the southern states to the mid-Atlantic and we should see some of the early migrants making their way into the region. For instance, expect Pine and Yellow-throated Warblers to make their way into NJ by the end of the weekend. I’ll be keeping an eye on the radar, and post it here as soon as we see some action. Until then, work on some neck stretches… warblers are coming.

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  1. Hey David and NJ Birders

    The birds are definitely headed your way tonight! Just looked at the radar and it looks as you all will be getting a nice wave of northbound winter migrants in the morning. Down here in FL we have been seeing a steady northbound movement of birds both by tracking reports and by radar. Most of the waterfowl and sparrows have moved out as well as Robin and Waxwings. For the last two weeks we have seen an increase in sightings due to the northbound movement, birders are seeing winter migrants as they move north.
    First report of a Blackpoll came in on Monday along with a heard Black-whiskered Vireo in Key Largo, they are on the way; can’t be long before we see our FOTS Chimney Swift and Red-eyed Vireos!

    Hope you all have some awesome birding and better weather, stay warm!

    Nature is Awesome
    Angel & Mariel


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